This is a private page for reviewers and for my own reference. Please do not share this page willy nilly, instead direct people to - I don't want to rip anyone off, but I can't have just anyone listening for free! It's only £2 from my website, and I need that money for bread and spaghetti hoops.

Put The Fork Down.mp3

Budget Cuts (EP).mp3

Spot The Dickhead (epvers).mp3

Pissing Out My Bumhole.mp3

Get In The Van.mp3

Joe Ferris

Accompaniment by Mick Ferris on Budget Cuts and Get In The Van.
Produced by Mick Ferris.

Thanks for listening to my first solo E.P! I'm a solo acoustic singer/song-writer playing protest music and comedy songs around my local area of Herts, UK. I used to play bass in a local punk band but since the band split up, my side project has become my only project and I'm enjoying writing and performing my own material, with a few covers I like thrown in at gigs if there's time. I'm struggling to think of any more interesting info about myself - I'm vegetarian, I have a degree in Psychology....Um....I think that's about it. Feel free to browse the rest of the website... and thanks again for your time.


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