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"In a musical world influenced by everything from it's past and confused about it's future, you have created an originally addictive genre, desperate to emerge and beautiful to behold..." - Gloria Schulte

"Huge respect for the music of freedom !!! Wish you all the best and I'll spread the word about you!" - Giuseppe Rossi

‎"Really digg your soundz ! Wicked stuff! OMG!! Your tunes are awesome!!! "Fetish Club" love it!!!" - Jenny Welsh

"Not really my cup of tea!" - My Nan.

Poke fun folk punk street shanties and songs of dirty protest by an Anarcho-Socialist, Buddhist gobshite! 

I write songs about things I think are shit and the shit that makes me giggle.

I know my music isn't to everyone's taste and I like it like that, but I thought - "You never know - there might be other Anarchist Socialist, angry Buddhist gobshites out there who'll like what I'm doing". So I made a website.

         You're NOT a number!!!! 
    But if you'd be number:

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