Gigs Coming Up Soon...

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24/8/2013                                            The George, Hitchin.                                                    Bank Holiday weekend at The George

25/8/2013 (3.30pm)                            Wig and Pen, Northampton.                                         The Ouse Valley Singles Club

25/8/2013 (7.30pm)                            Ye Olde Golden Lion, Wellingborough                            The OVSC

13/9/2013                                            The Engine, Baldock.                                                    Balstock 2013 with Joe Ferris & The Dirty Protest

I also play open mic nights most Thursdays at The Kings Arms, Hitchin and Sundays at The Engine, Baldock.

If you want to give me a gig, E-mail me at or get in touch through facebook. I play for free at charity fund raisers (but reserve the right to refuse to play for causes that I do not support. I do not support any organization that glorifies war or celebrates elitist class interests).


Some previous things...

 Online Radio & Podcasts

Date                                                                      Show                                                              Website

29th September 2011                                          Unsigned Artist Showcase                               West Side Will

11th October 2011 (7pm)                                     Explosive Unsigned                               

15th November 2011 (8pm)                                  Punk Britannia                                       

Previous Gigs

Date                                                                       Venue                                                            
Other Acts

22nd September 2011                                         Club 85, Hitchin.                                           VendettaBrocker.

6th October 2011                                                 The Red Lion, Stevenage.                            Ministers DeadTrash Monkey

16th October 2011                                               Doctor's Tonic, Welwyn GC.                         Tom Stallard, The Astronauts, Robb Johnson.

Thursday 17th November 2011                            Molly Malones, Hitchin.                                 Strawberry & CreamSpandex Ballet

Sunday 4th December 2011                                 The Coach & Horses, Stevenage.                Fundraiser for Epic Walk charity walk.

Saturday 24th December 2011                             The Red Lion, Stevenage.                            The Vinyl Junkies, Monk-Phish.

Wednesday 1st February 2012                             The Horn, St Albans                                     Dannie Hunt, Minnie Birch, David Hoare

Saturday 3rd March 2012                                      Club 85, Hitchin                                            ArcFest 2012

Thursday 22nd March 2012                                   The Red Lion, Stevenage                             The Snare

Sunday 6th May 2012                                            The Victoria, Hitchin                                      VicFest 2012

Wednesday 16th May 2012                                   The Horn, St Albans                                    Elliot Porter, April Blue, David Hoare

8th September 2012 (10.15pm)                             The White Hart, Baldock                             Balstock festival. 

13th October 2012                                                 The Victoria, Hitchin                                   With Stuart O'Connor + Gideon Conn.

3rd November 2012                                                Club 85, Hitchin                                          With Billy Skins Fifth + Kunt and the Gang

17th January 2013                                   The Red Lion, Stevenage Auld Town             Drymouth Reunion gig w/ support from Brocker

26th January 2013                                   Practise Roomz, Stevenage Auld Town
Acoustic night w/ Kyne McCullough and August Gone.

7th February 2013                                   The Red Lion, Stevenage Dirty Ol' Town        Supporting Scum of Toy Town.

14th February 2013                                 The George, Hitchin                                       Ladies night

25th May 2013                                                 The Victoria, Hitchin.                                        Ouse Valley Singles Club



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